Measure, Analyze, and Plan for the Future
Intraserve Systems uses proven processes to help you achieve your business goals. Our technology consulting model involves conducting technology roadmaps and assessments, delivering recommendations, implementation, and managing your environment (as needed). Get the most out of your technology investments. Take advantages of Intraserve
Systems’ personalized services and high-level of expertise.

Business Review

The Business Review is a four-hour on-site assessment with a senior consultant specialized in the relevant discipline. During the assessment, our senior consultant will meet with your team to gather as much information as possible about the environment.

With the information collected from your team, our senior engineer then prepares a detailed report with the following sections:

  • Current system makeup, software, and hardware
  • Gaps or issues with the system
  • Current features in use
  • Any integrations with 3rd party products

Available Areas: contact/call center, collaboration infrastructure, and cloud technologies.

Strategic Analysis

The Strategic Analysis takes our consultation services a step further. Our senior engineer will spend one to two weeks on-location performing a thorough analysis.

The precise details and topics covered in the report will vary based on the area analyzed. However, there are commonalities across each discipline:

  • System overview, situational analysis, or technology analysis
  • Insights, findings, and observations
  • Feature comparison and known issues
  • Strategic recommendations and next steps
  • Collaboration infrastructure, implementation, or technology roadmap

Available Areas: contact/call center, collaboration infrastructure, cloud, and data center infrastructure technologies.


Your data center is the brains of your company. It houses your servers, storage, network, security, and applications. The success of your business depends on your data center operations running smoothly. Setting up new hardware within a data center can be complex. Deployment errors can be disastrous and have long-lasting effects.

At Intraserve Systems, our highly skilled engineers are experts to the complexities of the data center, as well as the technologies within it. Our clients trust our straightforward approach towards designing and deploying customized technology solutions. Minimize your risk and use Intraserve Systems’ wealth of knowledge to deploy technology solutions across your environment.


  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Operations Management
  • Service Management
  • Business Management