We’ve created a process that allows our clients the opportunity to be fully engaged. More importantly, the process is proven to generate results. We know 3 aspect of every change are: People, Technology and Process and consider all of them is a mandatory for any business prospect.

Our standard step in any project are: discover client need, review client requirement, propose different solution, help client select right solution, implement solution, support customer, review project’s KPI in different organization levels(includes but not limited to C-level, strategic level, process level) to reach business-IT aligned state.

Strategic Partnership

One size doesn’t fit all

We will be your strategic partner. Every customer need a specific solution. After we specify your business requirement, that must address with IT initiatives, we honesty and confidentially will seek  way for best solution instead of you. We will be your strategic partner means we commit a long-term relationship in achievement of defined common objective

Strategic Partnership | cloud Consulting

ROI Focused

Our return on Investment (ROI) Promise

We promise to be ROI focused. This means calculating a Return On Investment (ROI) percentage for every single client before we begin any work.

Once we know this figure we will look to calculate an updated ROI percentage projecting the impact of our technical improvements and overall management. We believe by arming you with this information at the outset you have a benchmark upon which our services can be graded whilst providing an indication of how this will improve your business.

We hope our promise of being ROI focused provides extra peace of mind when engaging our services and spending your hard-earned management budget.

 You will see a 100% return on your investment


Certified Authority

Expert-level certifications from multiple vendors and partners.

Our business is based on our expertise, so we take our accreditation very seriously. Each certification we possess goes a long way toward demonstrating our commitment to knowledge, accuracy, and progress.

By keeping up with the latest in the technology industry, we can recommend better solutions, understand how old applications might integrate with new ones, and help you navigate all the challenges of information technology

Vendor Independent

We are vendor independent and will only ever position the very best available technology that meets our customers core business requirements, objectives and budgets. We will not compromise our integrity by working with manufacturers who insist on revenue spend targets and marketing rebates for financial gain. We are vendor independent and have highly experienced engineer who select solutions that most suit your business need. We are able to build our IT solutions modularly, with no vendor lock-in and the ability to change building blocks when necessary

 Perfect solution unencumbered by vendor-bias and self- interest

Technology Partner

Our technology partners include leading companies that set industry standards. Technology Partners allow ISS to expand its solutions offerings to customers.  We partner with leading technology vendors who empower our commitment to our customer for best business wise solution. ISS is proud partner of the pioneer technology providers

Technology Partner | Certified | Cloud Consulting

Trusted & Reliable

We achieve this by very closely aligning our key personnel with our customers and ensuring that we put enormous energy, effort and enthusiasm into understanding their priorities, challenges and business goals. Our goal is to innovate and grow our business while maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction and retention.