Monitor, manage and optimize your performance
our proprietary DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) platform, is a SaaS enterprise class information monitoring data management platform deployed on a high-availability network architecture. It gives you better visibility into your data center operations by displaying real-time data while providing access to standard and customized reports.

Equipment monitoring and alerting

The application data collection engine offers you real-time, high-speed and high-volume data collection and analytics across multiple systems and protocols. It also features reporting and dashboard capabilities, and visualization of interaction between systems and equipment. It allows for both high level and granular views across multiple sites and regions, providing you with a global perspective.

Performance benchmarks

Our large user base gives us access to a statistically relevant amount of operational data. This enables us to benchmark baseline performance criteria with customer client specific data on a single dashboard.

Benefits of DCIM Implementation

• Deliver the service levels your stakeholders expect
• Streamline data center operations processes and implement best practices
• Properly plan and forecast future data center capacities, including space, power, cooling, and network connections
• Intelligently manage power consumption
• Drive energy efficient initiatives and shrink your carbon footprint for a “Green Data Center”
• Optimize critical data center infrastructure
• Extend the data center life span
• Drive down costs through more effective utilization of the entire infrastructure
• Effectively use virtualization to improve overall data center performance
• Reduce total cost of ownership